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NGIN Account?? What is this?

Each family will need an NGIN account to complete the registration process. If you already have an NGIN account login using the same Username and Password. If you have more then one child you can manage them from a single account. Most returning members should already have this account setup as we have been using the online registration process for a few years now through this company.

If you do not have an NGIN account, click on “Create an Account”. Please note that you will receive a verification email after submitting your account request. You must click on the link provided in the confirmation email in order for your account to become "active". It is recommended to use a personal email since many businesses filter incoming mail. Also, only one NGIN account is needed per family. This keeps all the information in a single place.

Volunteer Tracking and Sign Up

We will be using Dibs to schedule and manage our volunteer opportunities. Once you complete the Volunteer Registration you will be able to view all the volunteer shifts available.

 CLICK HERE to start choosing volunteer opportunities that Rushmore Hockey has available.



Volunteer Policy

Rushmore Hockey Association Volunteer Policy
Rushmore Hockey runs entirely with volunteers.  It is for such reasons that we have implemented the volunteer policy.  Each family will write a deposit check that is not cashed unless that family does not fulfill their volunteer requirements.  1 hour is worth $10, so a family with 1 mite skater, will need to turn in a $250 deposit check to their team coordinator once the teams are established.  Hours can be worked throughout the pre-season and the entire season. 
New Volunteer Hour Policy

New Volunteer Hour Policy