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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Hockey Season? 
Registrations are generally due in late September to early October.  Regular practices begin in November and final tournaments are generally in late February through mid-March depending on the skater's level.
How do I sign up? 
Registration will be online for the 2013-2014 session and credit cards will be accepted. The registration page has step by step instructions.  
What do I need for Registration? 
New skaters must provide a copy of the skater's birth certificate. Also, a Consent to Treat is required to have on file.  These documents will be collected at the beginning of the season at the mandatory parent's meetings.
Is Hockey expensive? 
Rushmore Hockey does tend to be a slightly higher rate than other leagues in South Dakota.  This is simply because our rink is not subsidized through taxpayer dollars in any way.  Player registration fees can be raised through fundraising efforts and some financial aid is available.  
Corporate sponsors are a primary method to keeping player fees low.  For more information on sponsoring Rushmore Hockey, see the Sponsorships page.
What are the fees?
House League players will pay $300 for the season which starts in mid-November and runs through the first weekend in March.  This fee includes $100 of pre-paid raffle tickets and one family season pass per skater.  When the raffle tickets or season passes are sold, the money is kept by the skater's family.
Travel League players (available for ages 9 and up) pay based upon their age.  Travel League players will also receive $100 of raffle tickets and one family season pass worth $30.
What age do the kids start at? 
We prefer that players be close to 4 years old by July 1 of current registration year. We strongly encourage participation in the City Rink's "Learn to Skate" program prior to hockey to build confidence in your young skater.
What are the levels?
Ages below are based upon a July 1 birthdate.  See the registration page for exact birthdates.
  • Mini Mites: Boys & Girls 6U - typically 1st year skaters
  • Mites: Boys & Girls 8U
  • Squirts: 10U
  • PeeWee: 12U
  • Bantam: 14U
  • JV/Varsity
  • Girls - Girls are encouraged to play in the co-ed environment through PeeWee. At this point, they may try-out with the boys or can transition to into the Girls JV/Varsity program.
When are practices? 
A weekly arena schedule is posted at the arena, and on RHA website for your convenience.
How much travel is there?
  • There is no travel for the mite age group at this time. 
  • At this time, Squirts have the option to participate in the travel league with about 4-5 weekend tournaments per season.  Or, they can in the house league which plays interleague most Sunday evenings.
  • Regular travel with the state league begins at the PeeWee level thru Varsity.  Typically between 5-7 weekends of games may be out of town.  Newer skaters may opt to participate in the growing house league as well.
What is House League Hockey?
The in house league at RHA is a competitive rec hockey league. It is a growing component of the association.  Last year we had about 80 kids, divided into 5 teams. Players play on the same team all season.  We have practices on Friday evenings, and games every Sunday night. Your player will get 1 to 2 hours at friday practice, and a game on Sunday. Games are usually 3, 15min periods and games take about an hour and a half. Games are officiated by refs.  Last season, each player played in about 18 practices and 25 games, with a 3 day tournament finishing the season.  
It is a league of mixed ages, with equal playing time.   Our focus is on enjoying the game of hockey, and developing hockey skills.   Every player will surely be a better hockey player by the end of the season.   Sunday night games do become quite competitive.   Players and parents alike have a really great time on Sunday nights at the rink.   
All skill levels are encouraged to sign up, but we do expect a player is able to skate.   Evaluations are conducted at the start of the season. 
House League is open to all skaters Squirt through Bantam age.
What is Open Hockey?
Open hockey is a time where ice is available to work on individual skills on your own. It is available throughout the season and is noted on the Arena Schedule for each level. Open hockey is free to attend and is only available for fully registered skaters. You will be required to wear full gear during open hockey.
What is Dry Land Training?
RHA is in the process of building Dry Land Draining to further develop our program. Our training area utilizes specialized hockey equipment and a knowledgeable program staff that enhance the player’s athletic ability.