Safeway Reloadable Cards

Safeway Reloadable Cards are an easy way to raise funds through everyday shopping. You receive a 5% individual rebate to your player's account for your purchases at any Safeway store or gas station.


How to Get Started

  1. Order cards through Jennifer Bartling.
  2. Once you have your card(s), stop by the check out, in-store customer service desk or fuel center kiosk to add money to your reloadable Safeway card. (Note: When loading the card at checkout, the money must be added in a separate transaction before your first item is scanned.)  You can load your cards with credit cards, so can still get rewards/miles/rebates for those programs as well.
  3. Shop Safeway — in the stores or at the gas stations. Per Safeway policy, reloadable fundraising cards cannot be used to purchase gift cards or money orders.
  4. Use your Safeway gift card at checkout to pay for your purchases. You will earn fuel points on all grocery purchases, helping you save even more at the pump. 
  5. When your card is empty, don’t throw it away! Reload your card again for future purchases. The card can be reloaded any number of times for any amount up to $500 with no expiration date. (Please note that empty cards will expire after 60 days and cannot be reactivated.)